Army Men: Mobile Ops

Army Men: Mobile Ops 1.0.0

Fight with your plastic toy army


  • Good gameplay
  • Different soldier classes


  • Needs more missions

Very good

Army Men: Mobile Ops is an action adventure game, taking the classic plastic soldiers and placing them in battle.

Choosing between different types of soldiers like infantry, bazooka, and mortar teams; you place them in battle against the opposing Tan army. Over six missions, you take different teams into battle.

Each mission also lets you switch between soldiers so you have the right class and you can also unlock new playable characters during missions. Taking place inside a house, the battlefield is set in bedrooms and outside on the sidewalk.

Army Men: Mobile Ops’ graphics are somewhat simple, but you'll feel nostalgic for the characters that you control. The missions fill the environment with common objects inside a home, but the scale changes how you look at things in Army Men: Mobile Ops.

Army Men: Mobile Ops is a great action game for Java.

Army Men: Mobile Ops


Army Men: Mobile Ops 1.0.0

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